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Whole30 – Week One Recipes

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So it’s just about that time! What time you ask? Time to start Whole30! I know you may be thinking I’m a bit crazy right now, and “hey Carissa, didn’t you say you’d NEVER be able to do this?” and you’d be exactly right. But who doesn’t like a good challenge?

Really though I’m ready to get in gear. Truth be told, the last year and a half has been a rough one for me. Nothing bad happened, life is great really in general, I have no complaints but I’ve struggled to find myself and the things that make me happy after having my second baby. And if I’m being completely honest, I’ve really struggled with postpartum anxiety and depression. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids absolutely make me happy but if you’re a mom (or have spent any amount of time around children) you know they also can simultaneously drive you bat shit crazy. Currently my kids are 18 months and 4 years old. They are in prime, drive your parents to drink mode. They are crazy adorable and sweet too but this mom needs to take some time to take care of herself again and find that fun mom that wasn’t always so moody.

See what I mean? She’s sitting on my head after she and her brother partied half the night (NYE) and still got up at 6:30am

My first step, I really need to get back to my old clean eating habits. Right now my habits consist of carb loading when I get stressed. Who hasn’t been there? I know for a fact I will feel better if I just clean up my eating and get back into meal prep. So I landed on Whole30. It’s a fantastic way to reset. Now previously I thought “oh I could never give up peanut butter”, legitimate fear you guys, because I LOVE peanut butter. Guess what though, other nut butters are allowed, hello almond butter substitute. I also often cook with rice and use beans in several dishes and those are a no go so I will likely make some separate side dishes for my hubs and use cauliflower rice for myself when needed.

But I digress, once I really dug into Whole30 and starting looking at recipes, I thought, I can totally do this. It’s a great way to include diet and nutrition in my 12-week whole home detox. My biggest hurdles will be consistency with meal prep and resisting the urge to snack on carbs as soon as the kids are in bed. I’ve publicly announced it so there is definitely some accountability involved as well which helps, it makes it more of a competition against myself….and one might say I’m slightly competitive.

I’m especially excited about the workbook so I can really use this experience to learn what works for my body and what doesn’t. Once I start to add some foods back in and see how they affect me I can tailor my nutrition to fit my personal needs

So, as promised, here is my first week of recipes and a grocery list to get you started if you want to join me. The fun starts Sunday January 7th! Click on the link below to print the PDF and do your own shopping to follow along.

Weekly Planner <—Click here for PDF~!

Recipes (thanks pinterest!):

Sunday: Rustic Beef Tomato Cabbage Stew recipe from So Let’s Hang Out

Monday: Whole30 Balsamic Chicken from The Food Bitch Blog

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes Whole30 Style

Wednesday: Tilapia with Mango Strawberry Salsa

Thursday: Kalua Pork & Cabbage from So Let’s Hang Out

Friday: Instant Pot – Pot Roast from zenbelly

Saturday: Zoodles and Meatballs from SkinnyTaste

Hard to find ingredients (affiliates):

Liquid Smoke

Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

Many of the ingredients can be found via Thrive Market. Use this link to get 25% off + FREE shipping and a 30 day trial 

Don’t forget to pick up your skin detox items to help move the toxins out of your body and clean up your skincare routine!


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