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The Dirt on your Shower Routine

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Alright, alright before you jump me because I asked you to clean your shower (and based on a recent post I know how much we all hate it!), I don’t mean you need to scrub it! What I’m talking about is just tossing some things out and clicking “add to cart” and boom, better shower. Easy peasey right?

So here we are week 7 of the whole home detox and we’re getting personal in the bathroom…

Let’s get the dirt on the situation so we can have you squeaky clean in no time minus all of the unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients.

We’re going to chat about the basics, shampoo, soap, etc. I think you will be surprised to learn about one item that could be exposing you to some icky ingredients. Read on to find out!

So first things first. I am a stickler for a good great shampoo and conditioner. For me as I started to look at products I was putting on my body, my first changes came in the form of better soaps and shampoos. There has been plenty of media attention around sulfates in hair products and why they are potentially harmful and just downright bad for your hair. Sulfates can strip and damage hair but that isn’t the only questionable ingredient sudsing up on your scalp. Other ingredients like mineral oils, silicones, and phthalates can also be harmful and damage your hair.

I have fine hair so my choice for healthy hair is the Beautycounter Volume and Shape collection. I have several friends however that rave about the smooth and control line for their curly hair. Beautycounter uses exclusive pure foam cleansing technology, a breakthrough technology that gently cleanses with lots of lather and no damaging sulfates. The line isn’t limited to Volume & Shape, Beautycounter also carries and amazing Smooth & Control line as well as clarifying shampoo/conditioner.

We don’t give much thought about how our shampoos can affect our hair hours after use. The photo below is a comparison of the pure foam cleansing technology compared to conventional sulfates. I found this so fascinating!

Traditional conditioners contain silicones to make hair appear to be silky and soft but these silicones build up and weigh hair down. It can take up to 10 washes to remove silicones after using a conditioner with this ingredient just one time!


Hair is definitely important but what about that your soap and body wash? Are you unknowingly lathering your whole body in questionable ingredients?

Conventional soaps may contain:

  • Parabens – preservatives found in mainstream beauty and personal care items.
  • Phthalates – used as binders and plasticizers, they may be associated with cancer and other health issues
  • Petrochemicals – made from petroleum, the effects of these chemicals are not well known in humans and more research is needed to deem them safe
  • Synthetic Fragrance – you all know I could go on and on about the toxic stuff companies are hiding in under the guise of “fragrance”
  • Artificial coloring – commercial soaps are packed with artificial dyes that have been known to cause health problems and illnesses in humans

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be washing my body with any of those things! If you love a great smelling body wash, my favorite is Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Body Wash, it has a light scent that can be used by the whole family. If you want to step it up a notch and grab a great sugar scrub to gently exfoliate your skin, I also love the lemongrass sugar scrub from Beautycounter. It smells Ahhhhhmazing and leaves skin feeling so hydrated and smooth.

If you are a bar soap kind of person I love finding local artisans that make fantastic soaps with natural ingredients like goats milk and essential oils! There are even some DIY recipes on Pinterest of course!

Need something with a little more power? This Charcoal Cleansing bar can be used on your face and body to gently detox with activated charcoal as you shower. It has a cult following and people rave about it! Charcoal is life right now friends!

Don’t stop there though, as a mom to 2 small crazed lunatics sweet children I like to run a bath and try to relax every once in awhile! There’s nothing quite like pouring a glass of wine, grabbing a good book, and drawing up a bath with some amazing bubbles and a luxurious bath bomb! Lately, my go to bath bomb is Young Living  – Stress Away but they also carry a lavender bath bomb that is perfect for when you want to get cozy and head straight to bed after your bath. I’ve also started using a safer brand of bubble bath for both myself and the kids. I found this EO lavender bubble bath on Thrive Market.


So let’s chat about something you may not have even considered when it comes to dumping the toxin load on your body from everyday products. Shaving! Especially for women, we have far more surface area to shave! This is probably the last thing I’d even thing about in terms of what I’m putting on my body but think about those moisturizer strips in your razor, I know I know, maybe this is low hanging fruit for you but I do believe it’s the cumulative effect of all the toxins that really has the big impact. It’s not just one product.

Check out options at Thrive Market (get 20% off your first 3 orders!). I love these super inexpensive options for safer shave creams from Dr. Bronners. I’m using the peppermint and love it! There is also lavender for a more relaxing shave! You can also grab these on Amazon!


So let’s chat about those pesky razors. Are you surprised that this is even a “thing”. Well I’ll tell you that despite all of the research I’ve done into safer products, this one surprised me the most and caught me most off guard! I read a post recently and was shocked that I’d never really considered razors anything to worry about. No long term studies have been conducted on this but I like to err on the side of caution because well, as an epidemiologist I just read far too much about disease and the lack of long-term studies on ingredients like this makes me stop and consider what I choose to use in my shower. It’s truly a double edged sword! So what razors would I recommend? Well for starters you can just switch to something without a moisturizing strip. I personally like the strips so I’ve switched to Preserve, not only are they infused with safer ingredients, cocoa butter and aloe but they are also a B Corp and you know I love a good B Corp!  Preserve uses recycled plastic and the blades are ceramic coated for increased comfort. You can grab these at Thrive Market or Amazon!


So there you have it! Were you surprised by any of these things? What are you most likely to swap out in your shower first?


*GIVEAWAY* For every 100 shares I will be gifting a shower care set! Which will include the following:

  • Preserve Razor
  • Dr. Bronners Shave Cream
  • Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Body Wash Sample
  • Volume & Shape Shampoo/Conditioner Sample
  • Young Living – Stress Away Bath Bomb

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